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  • ‘The Kite Runner’ pdf download

    ‘The Kite Runner’ pdf download

    The Kite Runner is a story based on the life of a young boy who lives in Afghanistan with his father and servant and his son. The two boys Amir and Hassan shares some special bond. But the community alwaysRead More »
  • ‘ Scion of Ikshvaku ‘ Review

    ‘ Scion of Ikshvaku ‘ Review

    After the fascinating series of three books on lord Shiva, Amish Tripathy has now decided to write on the epic god Ram. His new book ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’ is first one in the series. News telling that the series willRead More »
  • RFID library management system

    RFID library management system

    Library Management System RFID library management is a system in which the institutes and schools can manage their libraries easily with some help of technology. RFID systems are useful since they makes working automated, not much staff is needed, booksRead More »
  • ‘I am Malala’ review

    ‘I am Malala’ review

    I am Malala is an autobiography of a Pakistani girl named Malala Yousafzai who was shot in head for her revolutionary activities for girls education. The novel starts with an introduction of the day when she was shot by theRead More »
  • Manage your Acquarium

    Manage your Acquarium

    If you have just installed an acquarium in your home and worried about how to manage the little fishes in it, then here I’ll tell you some do’s and dont’s to manage your acquarium. Before starting the precautions to beRead More »
  • How a guitar produces music ?

    How a guitar produces music ?

    Guitar is a very famous musical instrument due to its ease of carrying, music and multiple applications. From solos to the live concerts, guitars are a main component of any music band. But how these guitars actually works ? StartingRead More »
  • Parabolic reflector antenna

    Parabolic reflector antenna

    These antenna operates in the microwave frequencies. This antenna is used to convert spherical wave into plane wave. When parabolic antenna is used as a receiver, if a beam of parallel rays is incident upon a reflector whose geometric shapeRead More »

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